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Frequently asked questions | Covid-19

When will you be reopening the hotel?

The reopening date has been set for Friday, June 19 unless local and state authorities issue new restrictions. On this date we will also reopen the Isla Navidad Country Club.

Will we be allowed to use the pool and beach areas?

Yes. We have information that the water in the pool does not represent a risk of contracting the virus, but social distancing is highly recommended. Regarding the beach area in front of the hotel, it can be used, as long as social distancing guidelines are followed and we do not have any other restrictions imposed by local and state authorities.

What will be the restrictions for guests when staying at the resort?

The use of a face mask will be required upon arriving to the resort as a part of your own PPE equipment (Personal Protection Equipment). The face mask will also have to be used in all public areas (provided by the guest). However, face masks will be available for purchase in the hotel’s boutique and mini market in case you need additional supplies.

-Temperature will be taken to all guests entering the resort or the hotel. In case your temperature is higher than 99.5°Fahrenheit, access will be denied. In case a guest has as fever or any of the Covid-19 symptoms, the house doctor will have to conduct an evaluation.

-You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire upon arrival.

-Food and Beverages will be served taking into consideration the sanitization processes and of social distancing set by local and state authorities.

-In case you have any additional questions we kindly ask you to consult all the protocols that will be implemented in guestrooms and public areas in our web page

In case I am traveling by car from Guadalajara, Colima or Puerto Vallarta, are there any sanitary check points on the highways?

The sanitary check points that exist today if you are traveling from Guadalajara or Colima are: Tlajomulco, San Marcos and Marabasco (before crossing the bridge to Cihuatlan). From Puerto Vallarta: Boca Tomatlán, El Tuito, and Bahía de Banderas.

Do I have to bring my own antibacterial gel or is the hotel providing it?

The antibacterial gel will be placed throughout all public areas for the use of all guests such as restaurants, lobby area, hallways, pool area as a preventive measure and according to the new sanitization and hygiene norms established by local and state authorities. The hotel will be providing the gel, however you are welcome to bring your own for your personal use.

Will the pool bar be open?

All beverage service will be done by a waiter who will be in charge to bring your beverages to your lounge chair or table around the pool and beach areas. The wet bar area and the bar area will be closed until further notice to make sure we can comply with social distancing measures.

Are you going to diminish the number of tables in your restaurants to comply with social distancing guidelines?

Yes. The capacity will be reduced by 50% and we will comply with social distancing guidelines separating tables 6 feet from each other. We will comply with all guidelines provided by state and local health authorities in terms of social distancing and capacity guidelines. We will also use mostly outdoor areas.

Are you going to have sanitizing mats at the main entrance of the hotel? As well as entrances to restaurants, meeting rooms, kids club, spa, beauty parlor?

Yes, this is correct.

How can I be sure that food preparation is adequate with regards to new sanitary standards?

All kitchen personnel has been trained over the past weeks and knows perfectly the norms of the Health Department with regards to food preparation and prevention such as: use of face masks and rubber disposable gloves, which are changed constantly and as needed, cleansing and disinfection of equipment and work tables, the washing of hands after each process or at least every 30 minutes.

Will my kids stay safe when using the Kids Club?

The hotel will comply will all of the protocols established by state and local authorities as well as the WHO (World Health Organization) such as: sanitizing all areas. The Kids Club caretaker will always use a face mask and rubber disposable gloves. All of the objects and materials used in this area will be cleaned and sanitized constantly. Social distancing and the use of masks for children will be required.

Will the hotel’s fitness center and spa be open?

The fitness center and spa will remain closed until further notice. The beauty salon will be open, but clients will have to make an appointment in order to comply with social distancing guidelines.

How will the valet parking service be handled?

The luggage will be handled by the doorman only and must be sanitized before entering the hotel. The car will have to be parked by the guest in our very ample parking lot. The doorman will point you in the direction of the parking lot. The doorman or bellman will pick you up in a sanitized golf cart to bring you back to the main lobby. The car keys will remain with you at all times.

Is the doctor service in the hotel?

Yes, we have a house doctor available 24/7 who actually lives on the property. Additionally, we have an in-house emergency clinic and an ambulance to take guests to a nearby hospital in case it is necessary. All of the services have an additional cost that will be provided by the doctor.

How are restaurant utensils being disinfected? This includes plates, silverware and glassware used by guests?

With the processes and protocols established by health authorities, such as washing and disinfecting utensils with chlorine and iodine containers. As well as the use of industrial dishwashing soap and a washing temperature of de 74 to 83°C (165 to 190 degrees F).

How often will my room be cleaned?

On a daily basis. Using the new protocols for cleaning and sanitization established by the health authorities. For more information, you can consult our webpage

How are you disinfecting linens, bedspreads, and towels in my room?

With bio degradable chemical products and very high temperatures. They will be changed on a daily basis. For more information, you can consult our webpage

Will all hotel employees be using facemasks and sanitizing products at all times?

Yes. Our personnel will be wearing facemasks at all times until further notice and our kitchen, food and beverage, and maids will be also using rubber gloves that will be replaced frequently or as needed. Also, all of our personnel goes through a sanitary checkpoint upon arriving at the hotel’s employee entrance.

When will the golf course be open to the public or hotel guests?

The golf course will be opening to the public on Wednesday, June 17. Tee times must be reserved in advance and will be available from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. New sanitization and social distancing protocols will apply. For reservations and information please contact Gabriel Rosas at [email protected] You can also call at (314) 331- 0500 and we will connect you to the clubhouse.

Is it permitted to cross to the town of Barra de Navidad? What will I have to do upon returning to the hotel?

Yes. It is possible to cross at any time. Upon returning to the hotel, the guests will have to go through the sanitary checkpoint, that is located on the pier/dock, where you will be checked as if you were arriving for the first time to the property. We recommend the use of a face mask at all times.

Can I cancel or make changes to my reservation?

Yes. You can cancel or make changes to your reservation up to the day of your arrival without penalty as long as you have made your reservation directly with us. For cancellations and changes for reservations made with third-party vendors, we recommend that you verify with them.

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