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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you All Inclusive?

The hotel is on the European plan, which means no meals are included. However, we do offer promotional packages with meal inclusions.

Where is the hotel located?

We are approximately 54 km north of Manzanillo on Federal Highway 101. After the town of Cihuatlán, you will find a detour to Isla Navidad.

How far are you from Manzanillo?

We are 54 km north of Manzanillo, which is approximately one hour away by car.

Do you have a beach?

Yes, we have a private beach right in front of the hotel, which is ideal for children.

Do you have pools?

Yes, we have 3 pools. The main pool has two water slides, there's another one on the first floor, and a third one on the 10th floor. We also have two outdoor jacuzzis.

Do you have rooms with ocean view?

Yes, most of our rooms have views of the garden, pool, and lagoon. On higher floors, you can even see the bay and ocean.

How much are your rooms?

Our room prices vary depending on the season. You can find them in the 'Room Rates' section of this website.

Are children allowed?

Yes, our hotel is family-oriented, and we have a Kid's Club designed specifically for children.

How far is the airport?

The airport is approximately 30 minutes away from Manzanillo's International Airport.

Do you have packages?

Yes, we offer a variety of packages for different interests. You can find them in our 'Rates' section.

Do you have ATM?

Yes, we have an ATM machine located in the main lobby.

Are there public phones?

No, we do not have public phones.

How many restaurants do you have?

We have 4 restaurants: Grand Café, La Plazuela, Antonio's, and Room Service available 24 hours.

How much will a cab charge me from the airport?

It is about $1000.00 pesos.

How much is the airport usage tax?

The airport usage tax is already included in your plane ticket.

Do you have a gym, and is there a cost?

Yes, we have a gym, and it is free of charge for all hotel guests.

What is the average temperature?

The average temperature ranges between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius year-round.

What activities do you have?

We offer a wide range of activities including golf, tennis, diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, beach volleyball, spa, cycling, gym, hiking, tours to Manzanillo and Colima, horseback riding, and more.

How much does the Golf cost?

The cost of golf varies depending on the season. Special discounted rates are available for hotel guests. Please check the Golf section on this website.